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A Tale of Two TV’s - Best Buy vs HH Gregg

My opinions & experiences with HH Gregg & Best Buy in Raleigh NC … April 2014

Anyone who has followed me for a while knows that I go out of my way to give people and businesses the benefit of the doubt.  That said however,  when people / companies go above and beyond the call of duty, I like to give Kudo’s. Likewise, when a person / company fails miserably I take them to task.  My TV buying experience this past week featured both sides of the customer service coin..

The HH Gregg Experience 

1.  We walked into the store & no one greeted us
2.  There was one gentleman at the central desk while three others appeared to be playing a game on a mobile device while hunched over an appliance 
3.  Anyone who has been in a HH Gregg store knows that the TV’s are all the way in the back… we made it there without being acknowledged. 
4.  We browsed the TV selection for 20 minutes or so and still no one even said hello. We could hear them laughing as they continued to play the game on the mobile device. 
5.  Annoyed,  we walked back to the central desk where we stood there and watched for 3-4 minutes astonished that no one even looked up or over toward us. 
6.  We finally called out and said … does anyone here want to help us pick out a TV?
7.  The guy at the central desk casually looked up and called over to the guys still hunched over the appliance laughing & playing and asked if one of them would help us. 
8.  The three looked over at us almost annoyed that we disrupted their game and one of them walked over to us  … and then things got really strange….

We explained that we were looking at either the 65 inch Samsung ,  the 70 inch Sharp or the 75 inch Samsung but that we did not want the 3D TV’s because the 240 Hz TV’s make everything look fake.. the dreaded “Soap Opera Effect”. He immediately began to argue with us that there was no such thing and that it had nothing to do with the 240 Hz. Annoyed,  my husband pulled up article after article and forum after forum on his phone where this issue was discussed by consumers and professional reviewers in virtually every country. 

The HH Gregg’s employee response? 

"Well if you want an inferior TV to the one you currently have  ( Samsung 65" 6300 Series ) then go ahead and get the 120 Hz 75 inch Samsung… a lot of people choose the cheap TV" 

I was stunned and extremely aggravated… We were contemplating spending close to 3k on a TV & Soundbar and this jackass was calling us cheap while slamming a Samsung product they carried?  If I were a Samsung representative.. I’d be pissed!

Just at this moment another guy .. Sean walked up… 

Now Sean is a fantastic young man.  He is honest, knowledgable and sold us our current Samsung 65” 6300 Series.  I wish I had known he was working that day… I would have asked for him.

We said hello and told him we were looking at the 75 inch Samsung & he said  ” Oh yeah.. great TV.. it’s essentially identical to the 65 inch you bought.. just bigger” 


In my mind I said… “lazy asshat here just said it was inferior and we were just being cheap” 

By this point my husband and I were beyond offended and irritated. We had been ignored, antagonized, called cheap and lied to. Do you really think we were going to then hand over our hard earned money? 

Not a chance!

So .. we headed off to Best Buy …

The Best Buy Experience

Upon entering the store we were greeted with a smile and asked ” Can I help point you in the right direction or have a representative help you” 

We explained that we just wanted to have a look at the TV’s which were clearly visible in the back of the store. He smiled,  said very good and told us that Matt & Doug were back there and would be able to help us out if we had any questions. 

Arriving in the TV section we were met by Matt who introduced himself and asked if he could help us with anything.

To be honest,  we were a little gun-shy after the HH Gregg experience and although we were pleasant with Matt,  we were short and to the point. 

Maybe he sensed it or perhaps it’s just his personality, but either way he was pleasant, inquisitive and best of all honest.  He acknowledged the “Soap Opera Effect” we tested the various TV’s on Direct TV vs the Demo Blue Ray .. and we tested were encouraged toward the right sound bar for the room we had rather than the most expensive one they had in stock. 

We decided to make a purchase and ran into a snag … some kind of computer glitch that would not allow the order to go through properly LOL! 

Two store managers later and a little embarrassment they did what great companies that understand customer service & sales do … the upsold us at a discount!
That’s right.

When the specific TV we were interested in was unavailable due to the computer glitch, Matt spoke to the store managers and they agreed to give us the sale price on a larger version of the same TV + 10% off the entire purchase which included a soundbar, monster cables and upgraded audio cables. 

In the end,  we spent $189.00 over our intended budget & purchased the new 80” Sharp LED TV +  sound bar and cables. 

Kudo’s to Best Buy

I’ll never go back to HH Gregg again and hope that Sean seeks employment elsewhere.  A good representative like Sean deserves to work somewhere that mirrors his professionalism and dedication to customer service. 

P.S.  I’ll post picks of the new setup once everything is installed :) 
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